From the Editor

2017 truly has been the year that artificial intelligence came out of the computer lab and into the world of business. From customer interaction to audience analytics, almost every facet of business is being reshaped by AI, and this transformation is set to continue apace in 2018.

It’s a period of great change in almost every industry, and those that don’t get on board will likely find themselves being left behind. But if you’re not sure what the best way forward is, don’t worry: that’s why Verdict AI is here.

In our second issue, we’re looking at some of the latest developments and hear from some of the leading companies innovating in AI.

“Almost every facet of business is being reshaped by AI, and this transformation is set to continue apace in 2018.”

If you’re keen to know how AI will develop in 2018, we definitely have you covered, with predictions from 27 different experts in the field about how the technology will impact business in the next year.

We also look at Uber’s plans for artificial intelligence following the establishment of Uber AI and hear from Honeywell’s AI expert on using the technology to augment operations.

Plus we find out how social media-based marketing has already seen significant automation, and discover how a new product from Hanson Robotics is set to revolutionise how AI can develop in the future.

And if that wasn’t enough, we’ll use Google Trends data to find out how the technology has seen surging interest over the past year, hear from a company looking to automate front-end development and speak to technologists about the severity of future AI job loss.

Read on for all this, and more, in issue two of Verdict AI

Lucy Ingham