Issue 2 | December 2017

Artificial Intelligence in 2018

27 industry experts give their predictions for AI and automation in the year ahead

Uber’s AI Ambition: AI Meets Transport

A year ago, Uber acquired artificial intelligence and machine learning start-up Geometric Intelligence to create a new division, Uber AI Labs

From the Influencers: Key Quotes

This month’s key quotes from leaders in artificial intelligence, speaking at Web Summit, including Stephen Hawking and Garry Kasparov

AI in 2017: The Growth in AI Interest

Artificial intelligence has been one of the biggest topics of 2017, and interest in business has seen considerable growth. To see how much interest has surged, we delve into the Google Trends data

Bringing AI Development to the Masses

Development in AI has come on significantly in the past few years, but much of the knowledge gained remains siloed and inaccessible. However, that could change thanks to a project by Hanson Robotics

Honeywell’s AI Expert: AI as an Augmenting Tool

The industrial sector has been slow to adopt AI, but the tech is now, in one form or another, being introduced to the factory floor

AI Job Loss: The View from Technologists

Many people are worrying about the impact of AI on jobs, and technologists are no different, as a survey at the recent Web Summit shows

Website Development in AI’s Sights

Website development is an area that many have assumed is safe from the clutches of AI, but not so. We speak to a company working towards automated web design

Automating Online Presence

Many of the accounts you follow on social media are already run entirely by artificial intelligence, and now brands are getting in on the action

Harnessing Machine Learning for insurance

Machine learning has seen rapid adoption by some industries, but the more conservative field of insurance has been slow to follow

Autonomous vehicles and Your supply chain

Autonomous vehicles have attracted immense interest over the last few years, but will they impact your business?

AI Events in January and Beyond

Stay up to date with the latest industry events around the world,  with conferences and seminars across the US, Europe and Australia