From the Influencers 

This Month’s Key Quotes from Leaders in Artificial Intelligence, Speaking at Web Summit 2018

"For the first time, the world is on the threshold of technology that would give a government the ability to follow anyone anywhere, and everyone everywhere. This has profound potential ramifications for even just the fundamental civil liberties on which democratic societies rely."

Brad Smith, President of Microsoft, calls for facial recognition technology to be regulated

"I think we should really worry about ethics. What is right? What is wrong? We've got to be principle-driven."

Young Sohn, president of samsung electronics, gives business insider his views on ethics in AI

"What would be a test you could give an AI to see if it understood the laws of a country and its application in practical situations?"

Ben Goertzel,  CEO of SingularityNET, on his company's work to define AI citizenship

"The weaponisation of artificial intelligence is a serious danger and the prospects of machines that have the capacity by themselves to select and destroy targets is creating enormous difficulties or will create enormous difficulties."

Antonio Guterres, secretary-general of the united nations, warns of the dangers of AI

Images courtesy of Web Summit