Taking on: Medical Diagnostics

Disrupting the traditionally challenging area of cardiovascular diagnostics, Ultromics combines machine learning, vast echo datasets and deep clinical insight. The company’s tools help doctors consistently make accurate diagnoses, which is helping to reduce unnecessary procedures and avoid patients being sent home inappropriately.

Key to Ultromics’s success is the fact that these tools work seamlessly within the existing workflow, an approach that has netted it involvement in the current drive to use AI within the NHS.

The startup is assisting the National Consortium of Intelligent Medical Imaging to improve diagnostics in the NHS, working across MRI, CT, PET, X-Ray and ultrasound.


Furhat Robotics

Taking on: Social Robotics

Taking personal assistants to the next level, Furhat Robotics recently unveiled its latest innovation: a social robot capable of speaking, listening, showing emptions and holding conversations with humans.

The robot, Furhat, has a face unlike any similar robot: instead of a static, plastic smile or even a changing LED grin, the robot features a complex face driven by computer animation. This means that not only can it show full facial expressions, but it can also change both its face and voice.

It has potential not only as an in-home companion, but as a tool for business in customer-facing situations.



Taking on: Lead Generation

Targeting the largely under-represented area of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), Prospex has developed AI-powered lead-generation software.

Powered by the company’s AI engine LOMi, this analyses different, entirely unconnected data sources to gain a full picture of each business’ sales team, determining products, techniques and ideal clients. It is offered through a monthly subscription, and provides daily sales leads that the company describes as “hyper relevant”.

Having undergone a funding round in October, Prospex will launch its software by the end of this year.



Taking on: Chronic Health Conditions

One of the UK’s fastest growing healthtech startups, Medopad uses AI, analytics and connected healthcare data to help healthcare providers personalise care. The company’s platform covers everything from remote patient monitoring to mobile applications, and is used to give healthcare providers a full picture of each patient’s health.

Medopad’s approach has already proved highly successful, with clients including NHS trusts, global pharmaceutical organisations, national healthcare providers and insurance companies.

The company has also raised $28m in its first funding round at the start of 2018, and has struck deals with Chinese firms totalling $140m.

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