Issue 6 | November 2018

At the top of the AI wave

HPE chief technologist Matt Armstrong-Barnes on the upcoming SME revolution

Half of businesses don't have an AI strategy

A landmark report by Microsoft has revealed the extent to which businesses are falling behind on AI. But where are the roadblocks?

All Aboard the AI Train

While driverless trains are yet to take over, train companies are using AI behind the scenes to improve the rail experience. We hear from Trainline and Virgin Trains

Augmenting cybersecurity professionals with AI

Cybersecurity professionals are facing an uphill battle: as attacks surge, the skills gap widens. Can AI help?

AI and The Next Generation’s Skills Gap

The artificial intelligence skills gap is a widely recognised phenomenon, particularly in countries such as the UK that are positioning themselves as AI powerhouses. But is the next generation better prepared?

The Future of Retail AI

A recent survey of European retail businesses by Adobe has highlighted how popular AI is set to be for retail companies looking to provide personalisation

The Invisible Internet: Image analytics

For brands, knowing what consumers are saying about them is a vital part of the marketing and customer engagement process

Training the Next Generation of AI Experts

With artificial intelligence in need of a growing body of workers,  we hear how Kainos is using an AI camp to get the next generation started

Ethical AI: A Vital Investment for Businesses

Artificial intelligence is already re-shaping the business world, but ethics can often be forgotten

How the UN Could Use AI to Predict War

The UN has been urged to develop an international AI platform that would forecast the outbreak of war and determine ways to prevent it

Transforming Chatbots with Conversational AI

Chatbots are increasingly popular, but their abilities can often be limited. We hear from ServisBOT about how conversational AI is changing the game

 AI Will Make Big Data Just a Conversation Away

Data analytics is big business, requiring sophisticated skillsets and complex software. But conversational AI is changing all that

AI Events in November, decemer and 2019

Stay up to date with the latest industry events around the world,  with conferences and seminars across the US, Europe and Australia