From the Editor

Welcome to the latest issue of Verdict AI, the magazine that takes a wide-reaching look at how artificial intelligence is transforming business. It’s been a year of hype and wild enthusiasm for AI, but as 2018 draws to a close, what challenges does the industry face?

In this, the final issue of Verdict AI this year, we’re looking at the state of AI, and the key challenges that lie ahead.

“It's been a year of hype and wild enthusiasm for AI.”

While much of the focus thus far has been on AI in large businesses, SMEs are now the next big growth area for the technology. We hear from Hewlett Packard Enterprises how this is coming about.

AI is enabling a host of new frontiers to be breached, and in this issue we explore a few of the many altering what’s possible. We hear how image analytics is opening up the ‘invisible internet’ to search, how conversational AI is driving change in chatbots and how augmenting human abilities is having a profound effect on cybersecurity.

Plus, as we look ahead we also broach the subject of AI education, both in the near-term, with AI bootcamps for university students, and further afield, with a look at how education on all levels needs to be changed to meet the skills gap.

For all this, and much more besides, read on in the latest issue of Verdict AI.

Lucy Ingham