Current Perceptions of the Future of Driverless Vehicles

In a survey in partnership with GlobalData, we asked business professionals from around the world about their thoughts on the future developments of autonomous vehicle technology. Here are the results


Stress reduction is considered to be the biggest benefit of driverless vehicles

The US is seen as the leading innovator in autonomous vehicle technology

43% think some self-driving technology will be in cars within five years

Regulations are seen as the biggest barrier to self-driving technology

78% believe that regulators are struggling to keep up with technology

Businesses Generally see consumers as curious about driverless vehicles

In your opinion, how do the public/consumers feel about autonomous vehicles?

Young people are seen as having good to excellent awareness of driverless vehicles

In your opinion, how aware are younger generations of autonomous vehicles technologies?

A reduction in driving stress is considered the primary benefit of self-driving cars

In your opinion, what are the benefits of autonomous vehicles?

The US is seen as leading the way in autonomous vehicle technology

Which of the following regions do you see as leaders/innovators in the autonomous vehicles?

Businesses perceive startups to be disrupting the automotive industry

To what extent do you agree with the following statement: Startup firms with technologies and business models are disrupting the traditional automotive supply chain?

Many believe autonomous technology will be incrementally introduced in the next few years

How do you envision the development of autonomous vehicles changing over the next five years?

Red tape is considered the biggest barrier to driverless technology's development

What do you see as the biggest obstacle to development of autonomous vehicles?

The majority think regulators are struggling to keep up with driverless technology

To what extent do you agree that regulators are struggling to keep up with autonomous vehicles?

Despite the disruption, most see insurance as continuing its current role

Do you see traditional insurance providers being responsible for insuring autonomous vehicles in the future?

From a survey of 206 respondents conducted in February 2018 by Verdict AI and GlobalData

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