Issue 3 | February 2018

The AI Tool Being Used to Eliminate Is Propaganda

Having already encouraged large media platforms to block extremist content, the UK government has now unveiled software that can help smaller platforms do the same

IBM’s Take on the Future of Enterprise AI

Artificial intelligence isn’t just about automating simple tasks; computing giant IBM thinks it can play a far more valuable role

Current Perceptions of Driverless Vehicles

We asked business professionals from around the world about their thoughts on the future of autonomous vehicles

Could Visual Search Have Stopped the Manchester Bomber?

If you use ASOS’ app you may have already experienced visual search and found clothes you like based on your photographs, but the technology can do so much more

Waymo’s Plan to Take You into the Self-Driving World of Tomorrow

Google spinout Waymo has been a major player in the world of self-driving cars since its inception, and now the technology is nearing market readiness, the company has serious plans to dominate

Ocado Brings Robots to the Warehouse

Online grocery giant Ocado has a reputation for innovation, and its latest announcement around humanoid maintenance assistance is no different

Augmented Intelligence comes to Contact Centres

While there has been considerable focus on job-displacing AI, where it has real potential is in making workers more effective at their jobs

What’s Your Relationship with Conversational AI?

We all have a pretty good grasp of the kinds of qualities we search for in friends. We look for people who are loyal, supportive, good company and forgiving, but are these the same qualities we want from our AIs and intelligent personal assistants? 

Artificial Intelligence in Insurance

Artificial intelligence poses unprecedented opportunities for the insurance industry, but along with these benefits are fresh challenges

THe AI Startup Report

Some of the most interesting startups using AI to disrupt industry norms this month, covering fields including advertising, property management and road safety

AI Events in March and Beyond

Stay up to date with the latest industry events around the world,  with conferences and seminars across the US, Europe and Australia