Issue 8 | May 2019

Inside Ocado: Technology’s Dark Horse

How the company’s automated warehouse-based smart platform is taking it to the upper echelons of the world of tech

The State of Artificial Intelligence in 2019

How have businesses responded to the transformative changes that the technology promises?

RPA Predictions for 2019

James Dening, VP Europe at Automation Anywhere, gives his predictions for the technology this year

Does your business need RPA?

How software bots provide value, how much they cost and how much it could save your business

Into the Automation-First Era

With nine in 10 companies planning to implement Robotic Processing Automation by 2020, it looks to become a key feature of many workplaces

The Story of AI Chips So Far

We explore the journey the industry has taken to reach the state of the AI chip market today

Battling Bias: Teaching AI better lessons

With the vast scope of industries artificial intelligence is now involved in, it is vital that it can be relied upon to make impartial judgements

Your AI sales coach, but no substitute for a human

In the ultra-competitive sales landscape, the smallest edge can make the biggest difference

Blockchain-enabled data sharing for better AI

Data is a foundational part of both artificial intelligence and machine learning, but a growing regulatory presence  is proving a problem. Could blockchain help?

What Fear of Automation?

It’s often reported that workers fear their jobs being replaced by AI, but perceptions are changing

Can We Finally End Fake News? 

Fake news is a growing concern, but artificial intelligence may be able to help

AI Events in June and Beyond

Stay up to date with the latest industry events around the world,  with conferences and seminars across the world