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The percentage increase in organisations implmenting AI in some form over the past four years, according to Gartner. According a survey by the company, 37% of organisations are now making some use of artificial intelligence.

1.2 million

The number of driving jobs that are at risk from automation, according to a study by MoneySuperMarket. This translates into 8 in 10 driving jobs having a 50% or more chance of being elimated as a result of advances in technology, with delivery driver and rubbish truck driver being the two most at-risk roles. 


The percentage of British employees that would like to see artificial intelligence play a role in their daily working life, making it one of the most desired technologies for the workplace, tied with cloud services. This is according to a survey of 1,000 UK employees by Advanced.

9 in 10

The number of finance teams that lack the skills to support digital transformation, according to research by the Association of International Certified Professional Accountants and Oracle. The same number have not deployed AI for any finance purpose. 



The number of new AI patents filed in China in 2018, giving it a dramatic lead over all other countries combined. The country with the next most patents was the US, with 65, followed by South Korea's 41 and Australia's 14. The UK tied with Germany in 7th place, with two each. 


The percentage of employers that anticipate a drop in the number of human workers that they will employ in 2019 as a result of AI. By contrast, 16% anticipated growing their workforce to more effectively support AI. This is according to research conducted by ManpowerGroup.

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The Key Moments in Artificial Intelligence This Month

AI Threatens Health Data Privacy

Engineers at the University of California mined the supposedly anonymised health data of over 15,000 US residents covering two years and found that by using sophisticated AI it was possible to identify specific individuals. The research suggests that US regulations for the handling of health data are no longer adequate.

Source: Verdict

DNA Sequencing Uses AI for Medical Cannabis

AI is being paired with DNA sequencing by Frelii to bring insight to the rapidly growing market of medical cannabis, as attitudes change and governments relax laws on its use. The work will give rapid insight into different strains and delivery formats, which can assist medical professionals with appropriate prescriptions.

Source: Verdict

Intel Partners with Alibaba for Olympics AI Platform

Intel and Alibaba announced a partnership to develop a sports AI platform for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. The sports AI system uses video cameras to provide different angles of athletes as they train and produces 3D models of their performance. The technology has potential for improving the performance of athletes and could also provide new experiences for audiences.

Source: Verdict

Brexit a Risk to UK's AI Lead

The AI sector is at particular risk of harm from Brexit, in spite of the government making AI a key focus of its post-Brexit plan, said a report from GlobalData. The loss of research and start-up funding from the EU is significant in spite of the ground-breaking work being done in the UK academic community.

Source: Verdict

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