From the Influencers 

This Month’s Key Quotes from Leaders in Artificial Intelligence

“We’re at the beginning of a golden age of AI. Recent advancements have already led to invention that previously lived in the realm of science fiction — and we’ve only scratched the surface of what’s possible.”

Jeff Bezos, Amazon CEO, on his new public conference for AI

"The first world war was because of the first technology revolution. The second technology revolution caused the second world war. This is the third technology revolution — we're coming.”

Jack Ma, Alibaba founder, speaking at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland

“As positive as we are about AI, we’re also aware of its potential for unintended consequences. So, we must design, develop and deploy AI with a huge amount of care to ensure everyone can benefit from these advances. After all, people will only use AI if they trust it.”

Cindy Rose, CEO of Microsoft UK, writing in The Big Issue

“The key must be retraining the workforce. This must be the responsibility not just of the government, which can provide subsidies, but also of corporations and AI's ultra-wealthy beneficiaries.”

Kai-Fu Lee, ex VP at Apple, Microsoft and Google, on job displacement from AI

“At Facebook, ensuring responsible and thoughtful use of AI is foundational to everything we do – from the data labels we use, to the individual algorithms we build, to the systems they are a part of.”

Joaquin Quinonero Candela, Facebook’s director of applied machine learning, on setting up an independent AI ethics research centre in Munich.