From the Editor

Advances in artificial intelligence are evolving rapidly, bringing fresh potential for businesses on an extremely regular basis. This has produced many positive results, chief among them an acceptance of both the reality of AI and its benefits.

No longer is the enterprise narrative so hyper-focused around job loss; as executives and employees understand the technology more, the idea that it can actually help us in our work is becoming increasingly accepted.

However, as the technology sees growing adoption, misuses of it are also proliferating.

In this issue of Verdict AI, we explore both sides of the issue, looking at emerging applications with impressive potential, as well as exploring misuses of the technology that are becoming increasingly significant.

On the darker side, there is the issue of deepfakes.

On the positive side, the growing importance of AI is driving a surge in investment in the technology across the world. While the US and China remain the key heavyweights when it comes to new companies and innovations, other regions are doubling down their efforts to compete. One emerging contender is the UAE, so we visited the country to find out how it is working to become a key player in the AI space, and whether it will ever topple the AI giants.

Looking ahead, AI is also being applied to emerging platforms, including edge computing. We hear from Intel to find out how edge AI could bring new benefits for business and industry.

Plus, as the potential of commercial robotics grows, there is a growing need for full-stack solutions that lower the barrier of entry for businesses, particularly in the area of spatial perception. We hear from one company vying to open up robotics with full-stack spatial AI.

On the darker side, there is the issue of deepfakes. While this has largely remained a concern in politics, the technology can – at least is theory – be applied to anyone, making it a key concern for high-profile businesses. We consider how the technology is advancing, and what businesses can do to protect themselves.

Plus, we also look at how AI is being harnessed to create new breeds of malware and what this could mean for future threats.

For all this, and much more, read on in the latest issue of Verdict AI.

Lucy Ingham