Issue 9 | Summer 2019

Can the UAE be a world leader in AI?

The UAE has a bold vision to be an AI world leader by 2031. Can it challenge the might of China and the US?

Supporting Refugees with AI

While there are many fears about the negative potential of AI, it can also provide significant social benefits

AI with a Heart: Bringing Empathy to AI

Empathy is often considered out of reach for AI, but Pegasystems is looking to change that

Deepfakes beyond politics: the impact for business

Deepfakes are rapidly emerging as the most talked about threat to democracy, but beyond malicious depictions of politicians they also pose a significant threat to the world of business

How Edge AI is Key to the Future

Bringing AI processing capabilities into the edge for Internet of Things (IoT) applications improves processing speed and can make the devices it powers smarter

From Emotion to Sale: Voice-Reading AI

AI that can predict if you’re going to buy from the emotion in your voice may seem some way off, but it’s already a real product

Optimising AI enterprise-wide

Headline-grabbing buzzwords have drawn considerable hype towards AI’s potential in business, but the reality is less sexy

Full-Stack Spatial AI

Commercial robotics is on the cusp of going mainstream, but for that to happen companies need to stop having to reinvent the wheel

When AI meets malware: Future cyber threats

AI is being harnessed for a host of applications, not all of them good – or even legal

Manufacturing and Decentralised AI

Many companies in the manufacturing industry and beyond are keen to embrace AI – but trust remains a concern

Hitting the Right Note with AI

AI may be a long way off true creativity, but there are lessons to be learnt from music when it comes to its deployment

‘Intelligent’ AI Begins with Intelligent Data

AI’s potential knows no limits, but good data is essential to its success

AI Events in August and Beyond

Stay up to date with the latest industry events around the world,  with conferences and seminars across the US, Europe and Australia