Issue 1 | October 2017

The State of AI in Business

We asked business professionals from around the world about their thoughts, plans and practices with artificial intelligence. Here are the results

Rise of the Robotic Workforce

From manufacturing to public relations, humanoid robots are no longer just a part of the future, but are finding a place in the workplaces of today

2020: The Industrial Robotics Boom

In the next few years, industrial robots are set to proliferate across the world, in everything from major smart factories to the workshops of SMEs

Say Hello to the Banker-Bots

AI is making waves in many industries, not least of all finance. We discover how the technology is already being rolled out, and helping businesses transform 

Sphero's Office Robot Gambit

Had anybody else said it wants to put a robot in every home and office it may have been derided, but Sphero spinoff Misty Robotics is ahead of the game

Distruption: Driverless Deliveries

With driverless vehicles becoming more sophisticated, the delivery industry is poised for significant disruption, driven by lower costs and improved service

A Critical Impact: AI and Healthcare

AI is poised to transform healthcare, but with such a sensitive industry, there are serious concerns to allay. We consider the technology's promise for the field

Meet Brolly, the AI App Making Insurance Cool ​​​​​​​

The AI app, Brolly, is taking the London insurance industry by storm, and its success is just the start for the burgeoning insurtech industry 

AI Events in September and Beyond

Stay up to date with the latest industry events around the world,  with conferences and seminars across the US, Europe and Asia