From the Editor

Welcome to the latest issue of Verdict AI, where we dig into the latest developments in artificial intelligence. AI is transforming almost every industry on the planet, and businesses are scrambling to find the best way to make the technology work for their field.

But while there are significant potential gains available to those who effectively harness AI, the wrong approach can be costly and even damaging to a business, which is where this magazine aims to help. We speak to experts from across the field to find out where the technology currently has the best potential, how it can be most effectively implemented and where it is likely to add value in the future.

While there are significant potential gains available, the wrong approach can be costly and even damaging.”

In the latest issue we’re spanning a host of industries to provide you with the latest and most valuable AI insight.

Currently making waves is Peak, a fast-growing company with the backing of Amazon Web Services that is on course to become the Salesforce of AI. We find out how the company is developing, and why businesses are flocking to it.

PwC recently issued a landmark report that revealed that AI was not going to be the job killer it’s characterised as. It hit the headlines for that reason, but under the surface is far more valuable information: job levels will stay the same, but they will change dramatically between industries. We dig into the data to find the companies set to see the biggest gains and losses.

Artificial intelligence has seen many winters, but few feel we are set to have another. Alex McMullan of Pure Storage, a veteran of the industry, shares his thoughts on the technology’s development and how businesses can get on board.

Aside from that, there is much, much more on the world of AI, from technology transforming the development process to key changes to the customer experience. Read on for more in this issue of Verdict AI.

Lucy Ingham