Issue 4 | April 2018

House of Lords Report: A Turning Point for British AI

The House of Lords Select Committee on Artificial Intelligence has published a landmark report on the future of AI

Artificial Intelligence Takes Flight

How can you meet rapid search request growth, whilst reducing costs each year? The travel industry is using AI to drive the solution

The State and Sentiment of Enterprise AI

Artificial intelligence is transforming enterprise capabilities, but it is not without its issues. We look at findings from some of the latest research

How AI Could Make France a New Tech Leader in Europe

France looks set to position itself as a leader in artificial intelligence in Europe, with major investment in the works. We explore the country's plans for domination

AWS and the Future of Voice in the Workplace

Artificial intelligence is driving a revolution in voice interaction, and now it’s coming to enterprise. We speak to Ian Massingham, technical and developer evangelism lead at Amazon Web Services, about how the technology is transforming the world of business

From the Influencers:   This Month’s Key Quotes

Some of the most significant comments made by leaders and influencers in the artificial intelligence industry and beyond this month

Why AI and Pharma are a Perfect Match

AI's ability to digest huge swatches of information and find patterns is proving vital to drug development. We hear from BenevolentAI about the potential

We Are Now Entering Alexa’s Voice-Enabled World

Voice control isn’t new, but it is helping to create a new world, one in which your voice holds the keys to your home, office and car. We consider what Alexa’s voice-enabled world means for accessibility and users’ experiences

GDPR and AI: The EXPERTs' View

Industry experts give their thoughts on how GDPR will impact artificial intelligence and its use across a host of industries and applications


AI is offering impressive capabilities, but expectations are also high. Cherwell Software's Scott Gainey explains how IT  and beyond can prepare

Artificial Intelligence Startup Report

Our pick of some of the most significant and innovative startups forging a path in the world of AI this month

Key Artificial Intelligence Events

Stay up to date with the latest industry events around the world,  with conferences and seminars across the US, Europe, Asia and Australia